Thursday, July 14, 2011


GNEW was absolutely lovely and while I didn't make back my full costs for attending, I did make about half back and received a ton of wonderful compliments and great feedback.  

In between browsers, I started a few sketches in between basking in the sun (with hat and sunblock- I refused to add any more healing time to my face than I had too) and trips to the pool.  The weather was for the most part murderously hot and humid with some rain Friday night and cool temps Saturday night- which made sleeping with just my thin summer sleeping bag interesting.  Although, Aiko made a wonderful  foot warmer.

Aiko is an Alaskan Husky and belongs to my friend Kate who was also vending at GNEW.  Kate had a few too many margaritas and was slightly under the weather Sat night, so I dragged Aiko into my tent to spend the night at some point after the witching hour. She was very well behaved for not being by Momma and curled up very politely at the foot of my cot- and barely twitched during my runs to the privy every two hours or so as I'd had a bit much to drink as well.   I

SCAdians know how to party after the sun goes down- I remember three distinct parties with tons of belly dancers, fires, fire dancers and drums.   There was also something about blue boobs and a painfully drunk EMT, but those memories are a bit hazy.

Sadly, the weekend ended way too soon and it's been a week of catching up with inventory, working in the salon and trying find the time for housework.   I've been working in the salon every day this week (yay, hours!) and am looking forward to my day off tomorrow so I can get some houework and my first non-friend/family commission work done.

A lovely couple saw a pair of my large painted goblets and have commissioned me to create a similar set for their wedding in emerald, silver and white.  I am ridiculously excited about it and hope they love them as much as I am enjoying making them!

/sigh 20 more minutes and it's time to get ready for work.  With luck the A/C isn't acting up today.  

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