Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Two days and a wake up until GNEW!

Only two more days until I leave for Hebron ME and the Great Northeastern War XXV!   Very excited to be attending GNEW again this year.  Terrified as well, but holding that at bay until Sunday afternoon when I get home.  

Just back from some last minute shopping for house and LTGP's first weekend vending at GNEW- and trying not to think about the total cost for the event right now.   I'm keeping track, but I really, really don't want to think about it until I tally up all the receipts and sales next week.  I'm honestly not expecting to make a lot (NE SCA events are traditionally conservative with new vendors and parting with their money) but making back my total costs would be really nice.

Still, lots of packing and hopefully some last minute painting still to go this week.  I want to spend some time in the the studio- I've missed it the past few days.   Oh, well.   Plenty to time to sketch this weekend- when I'm not tending the booth or swimming that is.  <3 the fact that GNEW has a pool on site^^  From the looks of the weather report for the weekend, I'll be swimming every spare moment I get too.   /glee  

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  1. I was panicking about not having stuff ready. I finally said "what I have will have to be enough". I can always take orders.

    My main panic was getting my garb ready, but thanks to a real sewing machine, I'm on schedule. See you there.