Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Anything But Time

Whew, it's been over a week since GNEW and I still have a lot of unpacking and reorganizing to do.   Pack out day at GNEW was insanely hot by 10 am and all my neat and orderly ideas were tossed out in lieu of getting it over with so I could sit down and be energy efficient until we had to leave.

I adore the warm weather we've been having, but I've come to discover (much to my profound disgust) that too much heat is a very bad thing for me.  Last year in June I was attending the Silver Kingdom Renaissance Festival in MA.  The majority of the fair takes place in a large open field where the only shade is provided by the merchant tents- by mid-day on the 2nd day, I was turning (I'm told) an interesting shade of pistachio, despite having been in loose and comfortable garb and drinking plenty of fluids.    After an hour of having the A/c set to arctic I realized how bad I had been feeling at the faire.   Tap dancing on the line of heat exhaustion is not something I recommend as a general rule.

So, on the final day of GNEW was one where I traded organization for expediency and now have to get everything back to the way it should be.   /joy

I think I mentioned my first official commission in the last blog entry?   After spending more time that I was expecting mixing color (who knew emerald green would be so blasted difficult to create?  >.>), I finished the pair of goblets.  My clients LOVED the pictures I emailed them and should receive their wedding goblets tomorrow in the mail.   I am so thrilled that I could be a small part of their big day!

Here's a quick snap of one of them!  They were very fun to do- after I had the right color  mixed >.>  

 Well, been sitting down with my feet up for two hours now- had to ice my ankle for the first time in a few weeks /sigh- so time to get back to unpacking, listing and taking pictures of my stock.   With luck I should be done by the weekend so I can start on painting again~  I have so much naked glassware to  paint, I should be fine for household items for the next year at least when I'm all done^^

Thursday, July 14, 2011


GNEW was absolutely lovely and while I didn't make back my full costs for attending, I did make about half back and received a ton of wonderful compliments and great feedback.  

In between browsers, I started a few sketches in between basking in the sun (with hat and sunblock- I refused to add any more healing time to my face than I had too) and trips to the pool.  The weather was for the most part murderously hot and humid with some rain Friday night and cool temps Saturday night- which made sleeping with just my thin summer sleeping bag interesting.  Although, Aiko made a wonderful  foot warmer.

Aiko is an Alaskan Husky and belongs to my friend Kate who was also vending at GNEW.  Kate had a few too many margaritas and was slightly under the weather Sat night, so I dragged Aiko into my tent to spend the night at some point after the witching hour. She was very well behaved for not being by Momma and curled up very politely at the foot of my cot- and barely twitched during my runs to the privy every two hours or so as I'd had a bit much to drink as well.   I

SCAdians know how to party after the sun goes down- I remember three distinct parties with tons of belly dancers, fires, fire dancers and drums.   There was also something about blue boobs and a painfully drunk EMT, but those memories are a bit hazy.

Sadly, the weekend ended way too soon and it's been a week of catching up with inventory, working in the salon and trying find the time for housework.   I've been working in the salon every day this week (yay, hours!) and am looking forward to my day off tomorrow so I can get some houework and my first non-friend/family commission work done.

A lovely couple saw a pair of my large painted goblets and have commissioned me to create a similar set for their wedding in emerald, silver and white.  I am ridiculously excited about it and hope they love them as much as I am enjoying making them!

/sigh 20 more minutes and it's time to get ready for work.  With luck the A/C isn't acting up today.  

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Two days and a wake up until GNEW!

Only two more days until I leave for Hebron ME and the Great Northeastern War XXV!   Very excited to be attending GNEW again this year.  Terrified as well, but holding that at bay until Sunday afternoon when I get home.  

Just back from some last minute shopping for house and LTGP's first weekend vending at GNEW- and trying not to think about the total cost for the event right now.   I'm keeping track, but I really, really don't want to think about it until I tally up all the receipts and sales next week.  I'm honestly not expecting to make a lot (NE SCA events are traditionally conservative with new vendors and parting with their money) but making back my total costs would be really nice.

Still, lots of packing and hopefully some last minute painting still to go this week.  I want to spend some time in the the studio- I've missed it the past few days.   Oh, well.   Plenty to time to sketch this weekend- when I'm not tending the booth or swimming that is.  <3 the fact that GNEW has a pool on site^^  From the looks of the weather report for the weekend, I'll be swimming every spare moment I get too.   /glee