Thursday, June 30, 2011


My husband's  coming home tonight! /squeeeee
He's only been gone for a month this time, but I'm just as thrilled to have him back as when he's been gone longer^^

Even better, I'm off today and tomorrow!

Didn't get much work done in the last night due to being completely exhausted when I got home from work.  We were pretty busy yesterday morning- 23+ clients from 9-3 (I did 13 haircuts).   I didn't have a chance to sit down until 2:30 and my feet were screaming dire threats of murder and worse by the time I clocked out for the day at 3:30.   Great day though- met some lovely people and came home to homemade gyros! <3 gyros! So, so yummy!  

Still, no surprise that I was hobbling badly all night since I've beaten the stuffing and support out of my current work flats.  Good thing I'm saving up for a pair of Danskos- but that's still two paychecks away, or 3 weeks.  /sigh   If I do well at GNEW next week I should be able to get them earlier  If. If, if, if......

Not sure how much studio time I'll be able to squeeze in today- errands, laundry (I hate laundry, so I let it pile up until it's impossible to ignore), a good friend coming over this afternoon and than picking Adam up at Logan.  Oh, and I need fit my hair touch up in there somewhere.

Best to get on with it, I suppose.   May the Road Rise!

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