Tuesday, June 28, 2011

<snicker>  I am constantly being amazed by my son's stubborn efforts to avoid any parental or even adult troll critique of his room's state of cleanliness.   For most of June I have been slowly going through the house and organizing it.  One room at a time, and next up is Munchkin's room.  

He very seriously just told me that he wants to clean his room himself.  While I'm not one to discourage my child from doing so- I'm  not sure if he's hoping I'll be so impressed by his initiative  that I'll find his efforts acceptable or forget about the matter entirely.     Considering my and his father's response to his scholastic efforts this term, he really should know better.   /parental gleeful laughter

Child cleanliness lessons aside, it's been a fairly productive week so far.  I am quite pleased with my efforts last night.   I heat tempered 5 glasses and painted another 5, as well as framed two paintings.   Go me!  

Talen, my youngest cat is going crazy at the window next to me- there are a bunch of birds outside loudly taunting him.    I seriously think he's about ready to burst through the screen window and go "larn dem birds sum mannahs".  

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