Thursday, June 6, 2013

"If I'd known how much packing I'd have to do, I'd have run again.”- Harry S. Truman

And kept on running...

Not really, but damn, has this been a crazy, borderline insane week.  

We closed on Friday (WAHOOO!) and then rushed off to work (SSG) and my best friend's house (Me) to try and get the sudden mood of abject terror out of our systems.    SSG works to get his mind off things.  I tend to rush to my best friend's house for coffee, the occasional alcoholic beverage and a 2x4 across the head.  Applied as needed. 

SSG wandered off to his monthly Drill Assembly while I spent a pleasant weekend with a friend from CT and worked on the house in between visits to a local flea market and the river to cool off.   Monday was lazy  and unproductive because I was lazy.

In an effort to make up for Monday's sloth, my sister Rani and I walked into our new home intending to paint the day away.  However, as those of us who were force fed Stienbeck know, the best laid schemes of  Mice and Men oft go awry.  

We walked into a flooded basement.   After trying to rent a shop vac and failing (seriously, how can the Home Depot in the State Capitol NOT rent shop vacs?) and sighing over the carpeting that now has to be torn up, we at least got the rooms taped off by the time SSG joined us.  

Upon seeing the rising tide, he immediately went out and bought two shop vacs (one has a leaf blower attachment, which is apparently A Big Thing For Guys) which we used to suck the now standing water out of our basement before collapsing onto the couches for the night only to be greeted with the Nile once again overflowing her banks.  

SSG took the day off work (I still maintain that I did not attempt to coerce or guilt him into calling out) so we could hopefully fix the issue.   It is now Thursday evening and as of 1500 this afternoon I left my new home powerless and with yet another small lake in my basement.   PSNH decided to change out the meter, which required shutting off the electricity until the electrician arrived to do something that electricians do.  PSNH showed up at 9:30am.   As of 1500, we were still without power and the carpet went from a "well, maybe if we can get it dry..." to a total loss.  

We know where the water is coming into the house, we don't know what's causing it, if it's a recurring issue that was not disclosed to us or a freak accident/freak of nature.  Called our agent, took pictures, saved the receipts and informed our insurance company.    The only thing we can say definitively is that  my beautiful basement and new bedroom is a sodden, wet mess and that the water is bone aching cold.  

Oh, and we're still moving as planned this weekend.  After all, it's only a little water.  We may or may not be insane; but damn if we aren't half enjoying this, surprisingly enough.   It's a fucking mess, but it's our fucking mess.   

And on that note, time to skip off to bed.   


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