Thursday, April 25, 2013

“Budget: A method for going broke methodically” ~ Unknown

I'm sure there are many people in my socio-economic tier who don't have to budget and are not Diamond Members of the Half Inch Club.  

I am not one of those lucky people.  

There was a brief period when my husband and I did not have to budget out every expense.   That was over a decade ago when we were both making the same amount and living extremely cheaply in Korea in an apartment the size of my first floor and half the size of our new house.

/sigh I miss $5/month HI-Speed DSL (for the time) and $10/month cable.    

Since returning from overseas and especially since the downturn, we have had to stretch each cent to try and make ends meet.  Sometimes making them meet, but more often being a Half Inch Too Short.   

Half Inch Club Diamond Member, that's me.

Most of my friends are in the same Club and to that end my very good friend Kate and another friend Kirsten have created a non-denominational, straight talk Thrifty blog that doesn't get bogged down by too much "And You're Saving the Planet Too" cheerfulness.

Not that being eco-friendly isn't good, but that's not the focus here.  Being  thrifty and finding cheap alternatives to national brands/standard methods is.  

Everyone likes to save where they can and believe me, K + K are masters at it.

Check out their blog at Misfit Thrift.   

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