Friday, September 16, 2011

"There’s more to life than chocolate, but not right now." - Anonymous

There is a Heaven and it has chocolate chips.

I adore chocolate and will try the most obscure of recipes, but my favorite has to be the 70 year old chocolate chip cookie. Like so many advents in technology, science and medicine-it was discovered by accident, a fact that never fails to amuse when I stop to think about it.  

 Given a choice between desserts, the chocolate chip cookie wins my vote every time.  No need to dress it up with cream fillings, ice cream.  Don't even bother serving them with milk- I like my cookies unaltered and free of interruptions.  Any recipe that calls for the addition of walnuts is heresy and should be ignored as it is a substance unworthy of the divine chocolate chip cookie.

I was in Boston this past weekend with my husband- he went to drill while I went to the Museum of Fine Arts. Spent a glorious day there, despite only walking a quarter of the museum-if that- and one collection in full.  FYI- if you're in and around NE or Boston and haven't seen the Ancient World Art collection- DO SO. Not only is it spectacular- it's....awe inspiring.  There are pieces that date back literally to the beginning of recorded history and civilization.

The Grecian and Roman pieces are nice too.

After overloading on art, my dear husband took me out too dinner.   We chose the Dorcester Olive Garden near the South Bay Mall due to its proximity to the hotel- and the fact that my ankle was about the size of a smallish peach at the time.   Stupid appendage will not heal. 

While many chain restaurants can be hit or miss when it comes to service and the meal- I have to admit to being extremely impressed with that Olive Garden.   The wait staff was delightful, friendly and professional, our meal was great and it was a busy night, too.   Seeing that I was getting tired and being a  very smart man, my husband suggested we get dessert to go- and made sure that I was aware of the chocolate raspberry cheesecake on the menu.    I love my husband.

See, I worked it back to chocolate-

Now, like I said- my favorite is the chocolate chip cookie.   Love, love that hand sized circular confection with gooey melted chocolate pieces inside.   It was the first recipe I mastered and my "go-to" recipe for everything from chocolate craving attacks or school events for my son.  

No one can eat just one!  Seriously, my brother has accused me of adding crack or boingonium to the batch whenever I make cookies.  Dangerous, they are.

My day had been fabulous already- but damn if that chocolate raspberry cheesecake didn't end the day better than even my beloved chocolate chip cookies could have.

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