Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly." M. F. K. Fisher

Its no secret that I love food, or that over the years food has become not just a necessary mechanism for survival but also a Way of Life in my household.   The subject, creation and sharing of food has always been the focal point of any celebration or get together for me.

A view that many of my friends share, especially my best friend, Kate, the gifted artist of Antika Nueva for whom the sharing of a meal is both faith and celebration- and a wholly practical belief that a warm and full stomach combined with good company solves 90% of all problems.

 /shrug We're Yankee.  Pragmatism is just as much an article of faith as any other.

The Stone Soup Ceilidh certainly evolved around these concepts and the annual SSC at the CT King Arthur's Fall Harvest Fall (commonly known as CTRF) is the saving of many rennies who work the faire every year.  Life during the run of CTRF is much easier when you know that no matter how filthy, cold or wet the day is; as soon as gate closes, the grills are fired up and hot food (and conversation) can soon be found.   

This past summer, Kate suggested- and was met with wide acclaim- that the SCA rennies form a household based around the core SSC goals- good food, good company and that a plate full of faire potatoes holds the secret for world peace.  And Lo, Vaganza was born.  There's always room for an extra vaganza.   

After much discussion, and a firm refusal by some of the more fashion conscience, it was decided that the House Colors would not be Steel Grey Duck Tape on Steel Grey Duck Tape as The Vaganza originally suggested. Instead, the Vaganza House Colors are Purple and Leopard Print.  

So, long explanation now out of the way- 

I was bored last night.  And Entry #1 in my series "Things I Do When Bored":

I'm calling the series, "Vintage Vaganza" and am contemplating stemware to match.   

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