Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"A professional is one who does his best work when he feels the least like working." ~Frank Llyod Wright

Mother Nature is playing her typical games on New England.  It has been, by turns, freezing, snowy, 50 degrees, freezing, icy and foggy.  All in all it hasn't been a Bad Winter by New England standards, but it hasn't been a good winter either.

Weather wise or employment wise for me, sadly.

When I was let go from Great Clips last spring (corporate standard bullshit, nothing to do with my performance as a stylist)  SSG and I came to the conclusion that being able to walk after work was to be encouraged and I decided to find office work in the fall.  I hadn't had a summer off in awhile and Child Minion would only benefit from having a parent home for the summer.   

Well, I found employment with Delta Management Services, a collections company that handles defaulted student loans.  Very ethical company and one that takes their responsibilities under the Fair Debt Collections Act seriously.   The work could be rewarding and I learned a lot, up until I got sick.   As a new hire, Delta had a 90 Day New Hire period where I could only miss what amounted to 1 day or be late 5 times.  

I got sick with a stomach virus over Thanksgiving and had to miss Black Friday due to excessive praying to the Porcelain God in the bathroom.   Than, 3 weeks later I woke up with a fever of 102 degrees and couldn't talk for more than a few minutes without coughing.   Being smart and fairly sensible, I concluded that I most likely had the flu, that driving to work when it took 2 minutes to walk down a flight of stairs and talking for 8 hrs on the phone was not a Good Idea.   So, I called in my resignation and promptly went to bed.

3 days later, I woke up with a normal temperature and didn't regret my decision as I really couldn't remember much of that 96 hour period.   It wasn't until last week that I actually noticed feeling 100%- or as close to it as I ever get- again.

So, once again looking for work!

Other Goings On:

  • Ruined my year long streak of being sprain free today.  Stepped off a curb while trying to climb into Antika Nueva's mini-van and slipped on slush.  I'm still buying new heels to reward myself for a Sprain Free 2012 when I get the chance, however.
  • Anitka Nueva thought of a brilliant idea for my modest little hobby-business.  Miniatures!  Specifically, pendant miniatures.  I'm still working on developing the skill to paint images as small as 10mm x 20mm, but the faux gemstone cabochons that I did for Birka were simply gorgeous and gained a lot of attention.  

Faux Blue Lapis Lazuli  Cabochon Pendants

  • Market Day at Birka was my first big show of the year and by last year's standards was a huge success!  I had fun (despite the floor) and gained a lot of attention- including that of a Wandering Zombie Gnome.

Me and a Wandering Zombie Gnome

Now for bed and healing.  Stupid ankle sprains.  


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