Monday, January 2, 2012

Joyeux Nouvel An!!

I hope everyone has had a great holiday season and ended the year well.

Despite the rotten luck we’ve had with vehicles-our own holiday tradition, one I could do without- we had a lovely holiday season filled with family and friends.  

December was a crazy month, as can I’m sure most of everyone can relate- and for that I am happy to see December leave for another year.

The holiday season is one of the busiest for the salon- and one of the most exhausting.   I think I averaged 6 non-holiday days off the entire month- including the 3 days I had off for the trip out to Dallas.  

I just plain ache all over, from top to toe.  

Anyway, with the relaxing of the holiday season I can return to Looking Through Glass (with some creative time management, /sigh) and actually get something done.

To that end, I’m adding two more events over last year!

They are, Market Day at Birka, in Manchester at the end of this month and one weekend of NHRF 2012 in May.  I am ridiculously excited to be returning to both events under LTGP’s sign.

With that, Happy New Year to everyone and good night!

-Phe dy Vaganza

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