Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nothing on Earth so beautiful as the final haul on Halloween night. ~Steve Almond

This Halloween, Mother Nature certainly pulled out all the stops for Halloween with her suprise Nor'easter. 6+ inches of snow non withstanding, we had a fabulous Halloween and spoiled Munchkin rotten.

We took his best friend and him to his first haunted attraction- Haunted Acres.  Really fun event- the actors and crew did a fabulous job in setting just the right tone between thrill and fun.   Although the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song did break the mood for me half way through the Nightmare Walk.    I was willing to go along with a ghost ship in the woods- but the movie theme song completely ruined it for me.

We than viisted Ghosts on the Banke at Strabery Banke Museum on the 28th.  Excellent event and my favorite of the season- the amount of effort and detail the staff put into it was great.   They set just the right tone between eerie and fun.

The day after the storm Rochester was hardy enough to send their kids out trick or treating despite 40% of the town being without power, so our usual  tradition of  going Trick or Treating in my cousin's neighborhood  on the 30th went uninterrupted.

Due to BAE being without power on Monday, Adam was able to go trick or treating with us this year- much to my delight.  I was afraid he'd have to miss it since he is normally driving home during Farmington's Trick or Treat hours and he will be missing next year's Halloween, so this year was important.

There had been some debate about Munchkin's costumethis year- he had originally wanted a dragon; but was happy enough to settle for the Grim Reaper.  Adam decided to go as Death to complement Munchkin's costume- which made things easy as pie for me since I've been making Munchkin's costume for the past few years.   Two black hoodies, black spray paint and some face paint, et voila- the laziest Grim Reaper/Death costumes on the planet.

We received a ton of complements over the costumes- to my and Adam's bemusement and Munchkin's delight.   

We also discovered that Munchkin channels "Creepy Kid" pretty well and he made his first "bargain."  A father handing out candy offered him extra candy in exchange for a few more years of life.   

/sniff  Adam and I are so proud. 

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